You Are My Own. The Sandersons. Written by K.R. Sanderson. August, 2015. "You never really know how you will react when something unexpected happens, and then you watch your life unravel as you try to cope. For Jim, he became quiet and distant and refused to talk about it. For me, I cried a lot. We knew that God is bigger than all our cares, and yet we were in disbelief that this could 'happen to us'. This went on for about a month. God had been trying to get my attention throughout that month, but I just 'wanted to feel sorry for myself'. Finally, it had gone on long enough. I heard this voice in my head say, 'SIT DOWN'. I was by my piano and sat down on the bench. God said, 'I want you to write this song down. I want you to use this song in your ministry. I want you to admit to the people that bad things do happen, but it's how you handle them that makes you a shining light to the world'. In the next few minutes, God gave me a complete song. Thank you Lord for reminding me that I am an Heir of the Father and You always say, 'You Are My Own'."

...Here's a song, Glory Train, that Kate and I learned a few years ago, and it has become one of our favorites. It was written in 1984 by Mike Kuzak of the Double Eagle Band, Portage la prairie, MB 


Grandma's Home For Christmas. The Sandersons. Written by K.R. Sanderson, Christmas 2010. "As a child, I loved and adored my maternal Grandma Schellenberg of Winkler, MB. My best memories centered around Christmas and the gathering that would be at Grandma & Grandpa's. As I was writing this tribute song to my Grandma, Jim came over and noted that his memories of his maternal Grandma Cuddy of Sandford, MB were very similar. The smell of fresh baking, the tables full of food, aunts & uncles & cousins that we hardly saw all year, a gift for each grandchild and the endless amount of laughter and noise. He said that his Grandma's short bread cookies were the best he's ever tasted and they would literally melt on his tongue. I replied there was one difference, he had short bread cookies and we had those 'great big white Mennonite cookies with colored icing and sprinkles on top'."


Christmas with The Sandersons     Our new Christmas CD with our songs 'Grandma's Home For Christmas', 'We're The Sandersons', along with many well known Christmas hymns like 'Mary's Boy Child', O Holy Night', and of course some fun favorites like 'Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer'! Contact us if you would like to have this special collection of music. From our home to yours for Christmas!

 He Pours His Love On Me. The Sandersons. Written by K.R. Sanderson. "When I was 10 years old, an anonymous saint gave my Mom & Dad some money to send little Kathleen Enns of Wingham, MB to Winkler Berwaldee Bible Camp. We were a poor farming family and the thought that I had been chosen to attend Bible camp in the summer was overwhelming. It was during that week that I gave my life to the Lord. However, I didn't feel any different and wasn't sure if I had prayed the sinner's prayer properly. So every night for the next 15 years I prayed (begged) that Jesus would come into my heart so that I could go to Heaven. I am thankful that through the church I was attending and the Bible based messages I soon believed 1 John 5:13 'so that you may know', and I never prayed that prayer again. A few years ago as I was driving into town, I was reflecting on all the blessings I have experienced over my lifetime, and especially the gift of salvation. I found myself saying out loud 'Thank you Lord, You pour your love and blessings on me'. As soon as those words left my mouth, I couldn't wait to get home and write the song, 'He Pours His Love On Me'."


I'll Show You The Way.  The Sandersons. Written by Jim Sanderson.  "I was about 30 years old when I accepted Jesus as my Savior. But I must admit, I didn't give it much thought after that. I was satisfied in knowing that when I died, I would go to Heaven. That was good enough for me. However, in 2005, while on a business trip to the the United States, I found myself suddenly hospitalized with an undiagnosable illness. I had a fever that could not be controlled. I felt the pain in my middle back was more than I could bear. After 8 days, the Doctors sent me home, suggesting that I put my affairs in order, in case things did not go well. When Kate brought me home, the hospital was waiting to admit me, to continue searching for the cause of my illness, and to provide me the best possible comfort. After a few more weeks, God chose to miraculously heal me. We thank God every day for that miracle. It was during that illness that I came to the realization that God was trying to get my attention. God wants a personal relationship with His children. I humbled myself before my Creator and asked Jesus to be both my Lord and my Savior. This song took me about 30 years to write. It was always during the low times of my life that God continually reminded me to 'Come Back, I'll Show You The Way'. After my miraculous healing in 2005, I was finally able to finish the song. Thank you Jesus."

I'm Gonna Sing! The Sandersons. Written by K.R. Sanderson. "This song has been heavy on my heart for many years. Although I felt the Lord nudging me to finish writing it, my conservative Christian background reasoned with me that one phrase in the song was incorrect. As a young child, I grew up believing that dancing was a sin. Although Psalmist David wrote about praising and dancing for the Lord, I still believed this to be a sin. I KNOW every word in the Bible it true, however I struggled with this song for several years. Finally I gave in and was able to finish writing the song, 'I'm Gonna Sing'. We have sung this song in many of our concerts, and have often been chastised by 'well meaning' older conservative Christians that inform us that this song is inappropriate. We are saddened that there are still many, many Christians that pick and choose which verses in the Bible they choose to believe. God gave us each word in the Bible. Jesus Christ was given as our sacrificial Lamb to cleanse our hearts of all anger, bitterness and unbelief. We continue in our prayers that 'The Sandersons' may give the true message of Jesus Chris our Lord & Savior, and that we might challenge those that have chosen to believe only parts of His Holy Word. Our prayer is that we will 'Praise, praise the Father up above. Sing of His mercy and His love. Dance, dance for Jesus King of Kings. I'm gonna praise, I'm gonna dance, I'm gonna sing'!"